Planning and Development Announces New Projects

In the very near future you will see several projects taking place. We have three projects that are funded by Indian Community Development Block Grant money; Housing, Wellness Center Expansion and Water Tower. There are many factors that take place before a project is started and that is the reason for delays. One completed project that is exciting to see is the Entering/Leaving Wyandotte Nation signs that were installed in five locations by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

We will be starting four senior duplexes (8 units) in the new housing addition behind the Tribal Center. We have met with contractors and will have a deadline of April 29th to have bids in. When the duplexes are complete, the houses will start going up followed by more duplexes.

We are currently selecting an architect for the Wellness Center Expansion, and hope to get this project started soon. The expansion will include a gymnasium, safe room and generator which would serve as an emergency shelter that will accommodate a large group of people. Making sure this was in the project was important, and once the architect is chosen we will discuss the other items to be included.

The Water Tower Project will begin soon. The contractor for the road leading to the water tower has been chosen, and they will begin work by May 1st.

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