ring, finger

Ring, Finger  ˀngy-


yaˀngyaˀ               ring, finger


ya-                   feminine-zoic singular agent – it

-ˀngy-               noun root – finger, ring

-aˀ                    noun suffix


ayeˀngyamęh       my finger, ring.


aye-                 1st person singular patient – my

-ˀngy-               noun root  – finger, ring

-a-                    noun suffix

-mę-                 verb root –  have

-h                     stative aspect


eyǫˀngyǫ              I will give you a ring.


e-                     future

-yǫ-                  1st person singular agent + 2nd person singular patient – I – you (s)

-ˀngy-               noun root – finger, ring

-ǫ                     verb root –  give + punctual aspect


ateˀngyahšrǫdih   She is wearing, is adorned with a ring.


ate-                  feminine-zoic singular agent – she + semi-reflexive voice

-ˀngy               noun root – finger, ring

-a-                    noun suffix

-hšrǫdi-           verb root – prepare, get ready,  dressed

-h                     stative aspect



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