The name ‘Mudeater’


One of the most significant names in the history of the Wyandotte of Oklahoma is that of Mudeater. The name of Matthew Mudeater comes to mind. Here is my interpretation of the word that I believe was used to express his name:

Haˀtaraš (ha-ta-rash) ‘he eats mud, clay, wet earth’.

The noun root involved is -ˀtar-, which refers to mud, clay, wet earth and by extension clan, as in the following word which uses the verb root -ę- ‘to have’:

ayeˀtaraęˀ I have my clan.

The name uses a verb root meaning ‘to eat’, which can take forms such as:

yaˀtaraš She eats clay, mud
yeˀtaraš I eat clay, mud

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