Town Hall Meeting in Arizona concludes, Colorado up next (April 28)

The Wyandotte Nation held the first of its annual Town Hall Meetings Saturday, March 10, in Tempe, Arizona, for tribal citizens in that region.

(Photo by William Swaim)

Tribal citizens were able to meet and talk with Chief Billy Friend, Second Chief Norman Hildebrand and key Wyandotte Nation staff (Chief of Staff Kim Harnar, Education Director Tammy Charles, Family Services Director Dana Butterfield, and Tribal Heritage Director Sherri Clemons), hear the state of the Tribe, enjoy lunch, and make connections with family members and other citizens who reside in their area.

In addition, tribal citizens got to meet and have their picture taken with new Princess Sara Wright and the Chiefs.


(Photo by William Swaim)

In 2013, the Wyandotte Nation started a new tradition of hosting off-site Town Hall meetings to be able to make connections with tribal citizens who live away from the Tribal headquarters in Wyandotte, and weren’t able to attend the Annual Meeting held each September in Oklahoma.

The second Town Hall Meeting for 2018 is set for Aurora, Colo., April 28. The meeting will begin at 10 am. Tribal citizens who reside in Colorado will receive post card invitations with additional information. However, if you are a tribal citizen who feel you are within driving distance of the meeting and would like to attend please contact Dana Butterfield to RSVP at 918-678-6319 or

Meeting location information:

Embassy Suites Denver Stapleton
4444 N Havana St
Denver, CO 80239

(Photo by William Swaim)

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