Visual artist opportunity on West Coast

The Indigenous Mural Project in the University of Washington’s College of Education is sponsored by the Dean’s Office, the Faculty Diversity Council, and the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion and Associate Students of the College of Education.  We are looking for a visual artist do do a large mural in Miller Hall beginning February 2017 and completing by April of 2017.  There will be a stipend of $4,000 for the artists’ time and supplies.  A plaque with a short biography of the artist will accompany the mural.


The theme is to be focused on Indigenous Peoples of North America. American Indians have been historically and continue to be underrepresented on the University of Washington’s campus and in the College of Education.  We are seeking a muralist who will create a mural on a wall inside of Miller Hall that encompasses a variety of themes that reflect both the struggle of Indigenous people and education but also can work towards a vision of what education that supported the thriving of Indigenous communities would reflect. Importantly we are seeking a mural that reflects and acknowledges that the University of Washington occupies Indigenous lands and that the College of Education specifically occupies Duwamish territory. Other themes the mural might reflect include:  the history of occupation, the role education has played in colonization and assimilation and schooling of Indigenous peoples, past and present. However, we are also wanting a mural that represents the strength, resilience, complexity, and contemporality of Native people.

Proposal Process:

We invite artists to apply who have demonstrated commitment and experience with Indigenous communities. Please email the following to Dalya Perez AND Jessica Thompson (emails are in heading):

  1. A cover letter which expresses who you are and your interest in the Indigenous Mural Project.
  2. Attach portfolio examples and/or links to websites for review

Indigenous artists are strongly encouraged to apply.  The deadline is February 15th, 2017.

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