Website Redesign

Our website is undergoing some major changes both in it’s look, and the web technology on which it resides. As the tribe continues to grow it’s important that the website stays at pace, and provides all the necessary tools to both administration and our department heads to enhance communication with tribal members. Unfortunately in the process, these much needed changes necessitated a restructuring of pages, their location and URL address. If our progress has caused any inconveniences because of broken links we apologize, and hope you understand our need for upgrading.

We’re confident these changes will improve and enhance everyone’s user experience, making these times of transition well worthwhile. As an example of the enhancements being made to the website, this posting, or blog, is being done on an iPhone while I sit in a recliner, after a long day of copying and pasting page, after page of information. Yes they have an app for that, as well they do for the Blackberry and Droids. Staying abreast of technology is important in this fast paced world we live in today.

Postings such as this one is now being broadcast in an RSS feed, which allows immediate communication to all tribal members, and interested subscribers direct to their mobile devices, Mac’s or PC’s. We hope you will enjoy, and use the new website to it’s fullest potential. And again, we apologize for any broken links our progress may have incurred.

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