Wyandotte Board appoints new member

The Wyandotte Nation Board of Directors appointed Rob Nesvold to the Board to fill a vacant position. Nesvold previously served on the Election Committee for the Wyandotte Nation for several years.

Nesvold was sworn in as the newest member of the Board Tuesday, Nov. 9, following the Board’s regular meeting at the Tribal Administration Building.

From left, the new Wyandotte Nation Board of Directors after Rob Nesvold was sworn in Tuesday, Nov. 9: Eric Lofland, Vivian Fink, Nesvold, Ramona Reid, Second Chief Norman Hildebrand, Jr., Chief Billy Friend.

In addition to his service on the election committee, Nesvold previously served as a City Council member for the City of Seneca, where he currently resides, and is currently a member of the Seneca School Board. He is married with three kids.

He said he looks forward to serving the Tribe again for the betterment of all tribal citizens.

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