Wyandotte Citizen Artisan Showcase

The Wyandotte Nation is offering tribal members a chance to put their talents on display during the 2014 Wyandotte Nation Citizen Artisan Showcase.

The showcase was created to recognize the artistic abilities possessed by tribal members of all ages, whether it’s a knack for bead work or an eye for photography, there will be several categories open to enrolled tribal citizens.

Crafted by Kim Garcia.

Crafted by Kim Garcia.

“Since it is the 25th pow-wow, we wanted to take time to showcase some of the artistic talents of the tribal citizens,” said Education Director Tammy Charles, who is organizing the event.

“Any art form that Wyandotte citizens are interested in doing we will showcase in our gym the day of annual meeting, we will have everything set up and they can view it when they come down for lunch.”

The showcase is a good opportunity for artists like Kim Garcia, who got into crafting last year or like her son Caleb, who saw a flint knapping demonstration during the 2013 Culture Days and has honed his skill.

A display of member created works of art will be exhibited in the Cara Culver Education Building Saturday, Sept. 13 – the day of the 2014 Annual Meeting.

Charles said depending on the success of the first year, the showcase could end up being an annual event.

There will be three age divisions: Golden Years (age 55 and over), Adult (20-54 years of age), and Youth (age 19 and under).

There will be traditional and contemporary categories featuring bead work, moccasins, baskets, flint knapping, textile, art and photography.

Participants are eligible to enter one item in each category. Age divisions will be determined by citizen’s age as of Sept. 13, 2014. Prizes will be awarded for each category.

All entries must be received no later than Sept. 8 and if possible, please submit a photo of the artist.

For further information, please contact Charles at (918) 678-6330.

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