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Winter Clothing Program is now available!  Please see below for information. 

The APPLICATIONS (Click on the 2 application links below):

Winter Clothing Gift Card Application

Winter Clothing Reimbursement Application

  • Application dates November 1, 2021 – February 28, 2022.
  • Receipts can be dated between October 1 and February 28.
  • Program is available to enrolled citizens 18 (enrolled in high school) and under who reside in the states of Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas.
  • All purchases need to be rang up separately for each child!
  • Please only have program eligible items on each child’s receipts and there should only be one child’s purchases on any receipt that is submitted with the application.
  • Allowable purchases include: coats, *gloves, *earmuffs, *scarves, *winter hats (no ball caps), pants, shirts, socks, underwear, pajamas and shoes/boots. *Due to certain Walmart gift card restrictions, please refer to the gift card application for additional details.
  • Unallowable purchases include, but are not limited to: shorts, swim wear, food or accessories, i.e. hair care products, jewelry, perfume, make-up. If you have any questions as to what is eligible, please feel free to call the Family Services staff at any time.
  • You must show $100 for each child on the Walmart card program. For example: don’t spend $50 on one child and use the remainder of their card on another child’s purchases.
  • For online purchases: Must send full receipt/full No screen shots or partial receipts.  Receipts must show purchase date, individual item price, subtotal, tax and payment information (visa/store card/paypal, etc.).  The order summary is not enough as these usually only show estimated taxes.  Also, when you add up the receipts on the application be sure figure in the discounts and promotions on your amounts.

Remember… individual receipts for each child,  with program eligible items only. Please don’t include other grocery shopping items or other family member clothing items on receipt.

Tribal Artisan Showcase

Take a virtual tour of the 2021 Wyandotte Nation Tribal Artisan Showcase! To view the art, CLICK HERE.

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We have OPEN POSITIONS! Join our team & APPLY TODAY!
To apply or find out more information, please visit our employment page on our website:
You can also access our employment application by clicking HERE.

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CLOSURE: Title VI Building & Library closed due to flooding

The Title VI Building (Elder Services) and the Wyandotte Nation Library are closed until further notice due to flooding from the recent rains. Check back here or our Facebook page for further updates.

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Service Awards

The Wyandotte Nation recognized several employees May 7 for their years of service to the Tribe. Wyandotte Nation Chief Billy Friend and Second Chief Norman Hildebrand, Jr. presented gifts and HR staff later served up cake to the honorees as well as the fellow employees who came out to support them in the milestone. Employees serving for five years included Kristi Johnston, Chris Rhodes, Tiffany Garner, and Twylia Stone. Employees recognized for 10 years of service included Leeanna Radabaugh and Levi Griffin. Employees reaching the 15-year milestone included Richard Teeter and Erin Corbit. The ceremony took place in the conference room of the new Administration Building.

Pictured from left to right: Second Chief Norman Hildebrand, Jr., Kristi Johnston, Chris Rhodes, Tiffany Garner, Twylia Stone, Levi Griffin, Richard Teeter, and Chief Billy Friend. Not pictured: Leeanna Radabaugh and Erin Corbit. (William Swaim | Wyandotte Nation)

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Crosswinds Casino opens March 2

On Tuesday, March 2, after years of legal battles, the Wyandotte Nation opened the doors of the new Crosswinds Casino in Park City, Kansas. Many patrons waited in their cars for hours for the casino, located at 777 N Jackpot Way, to open. In the evening, a line of cars waiting to get to Crosswinds Casino extended out to I-135 off the 77th Street exit, and patrons waited in long lines to try out the newest addition to Park City.

Lines of people wait to try out the new casino in Park City, Kansas. (Photo by William Swaim/Wyandotte Nation)

“Good evening. I just want to say thank you to everybody for coming out tonight, to the ribbon cutting and the grand opening of Crosswinds Casino. It has been a long time coming,” said Wyandotte Nation Chief Billy Friend to applause from the crowd at the ceremony.

To read more about the Grand Opening of Crosswinds Casino, click HERE.

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FEMA to offer funeral assistance for COVID-related deaths

In early April, FEMA will begin providing financial assistance for funeral expenses incurred after Jan. 20, 2020 for deaths related to coronavirus (COVID-19) to help ease some of the financial stress and burden caused by the pandemic.

To find out more and see if you qualify, click on the image below or visit:

COVID-19 Funeral Assistance |

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Supplemental Healthcare Benefit Reimbursement Form

Here is the Wyandotte Nation Supplemental Healthcare Benefit Reimbursement Form for tribal citizens (click on the image to access the form):

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End of Year Supplemental Health (aka Benny card) Information

*The program year end is 12/31. You will not be able to use your debit card after this date for any expenses for 2020. If you have expenses for 2020 that come in after the first of the year you will need to pay them and file for reimbursement.

*Please call our office to update addresses-918-678-6319, 918-678-6329 or 918-678-6353. We can also answer basic questions about covered expenses.

*For balance inquiries and more detailed coverage questions please call Trustmark 800-990-9058 x42086.

Attached to this post is a flyer with information regarding the Trustmark app. The app is a handy tool. You can check balances, file claims and view claim status.

Click on image to see flyer.

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Wyandotte Nation 477 Program

Wyandotte Nation provides services under Public Law 102-477, which allows us to combine certain formula-funded federal grants into a single plan.

Our goal is to create safe and stable families, raise educational achievement, develop and enhance employment opportunities, integrate employment and training services, and increase self-sufficiency.

Wyandotte Nation provides services for job training and work experience as well as educational assistance. We provide financial assistance for classroom training, vocational training, and other job readiness services.

Wyandotte Nation also provides funding assistance to our Native American community in order to increase the availability, affordability, and quality of childcare services. Each family is able to select an approved childcare provider that fits their needs, which allows families to maintain or achieve self-sufficiency through work or education.

We provide a childcare subsidy for eligible families that meet income guidelines based on their family size. Parents are responsible for a copay to the day care and the tribe covers the remaining childcare costs.

Service Area Map (click on image to view larger version):

See the 477 Brochure for more information (click on image):

For more information and to access 477 Program Forms, CLICK HERE.

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Senior Energy Program Available Nationwide

Tribal leadership have been working to expand social service programs to better serve all Wyandotte Nation citizens.  Beginning July 1st the Senior Energy Program will be the newest program available.  This program will provide utility assistance to citizens age 55 and over with $100.00 in the summer and $100.00 in the winter.  Please see the application for additional information.  The application can be found on the website under the “Community/Family Services” tab.  Citizens can also contact a member of the Family Services staff for applications or information at 918-678-6319 or 918-678-6329.

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Traditional Stories on iTunes

We are pleased to announce that some of our talented summer youth have been working hard to illustrate some of our traditional Wyandotte stories. Two of these stories are available now on iTunes. They are currently only available for Apple devices. We are in the process of making those available for android users. Will post when these are available. The book is entitled “Wyandotte Traditional Stories Vol. 1”.

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